FX Wildcat MKIII Debut Hunt – Airgun Pest Control

  • 2020.09.27
  • FX
FX Wildcat MKIII Debut Hunt – Airgun Pest Control

In this episode, the FX Wildcat Mk3 gets its debut hunt shooting 26gr Javelin Slugs.

Airguns used:

FX Wildcat Mk3 with a Superior Heavy Smooth Twist slug liner in .22 (700mm), Element Optics Helix Scope, and DonnyFL Koi silencer shooting 26gr Patriot Javelin slugs at 930fps

FX Impact X with a Smooth Twist pellet liner in .22 (600mm), Element Optics Titan Scope shooting 18.13gr JSB pellets.

Gear available at info@patriot-outdoors.com or www.patriot-outdoors.com

Slugs available at www.patriot-slugs.com

We use Accu-Tac bipods. https://www.accu-tac.com/


Canon XA11 and Rode Video Mic

Side-shot with a GoPro – Visit https://www.side-shot.com

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Video edited by Roelf and presented by Gerhard.
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